The Commission consolidates some of this information and publishes this in a database which can be found below. We also provide commentary on their performance in our summary and analysis reports.

Auckland International Airport's performance

Auckland International Airport is New Zealand’s largest airport and one of the country’s largest listed companies. It is considered New Zealand’s gateway, with more than three-quarters of international visitors to New Zealand and around 19 million passengers passing through its gates a year.

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Wellington International Airport's performance

Wellington International Airport is New Zealand's third largest airport. It caters for around 6 million passengers a year from 9 airlines and 25 direct destinations.

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Christchurch Airport performance

Christchurch International Airport is New Zealand’s second largest airport with 10 partner airlines from 22 destinations. It is considered the international gateway to the South Island, with around 6.6 million passengers passing through its terminals a year.

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Data disclosed by airports

Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington International Airports are subject to information disclosure regulation. This require suppliers to disclose certain specified information relevant to their performance (such as profitability, expenditure and quality performance measures), including forward-looking information (such as price setting information and demand forecasts).

The purpose of this form of regulation is to ensure that sufficient information is readily available to interested persons to assess whether the purpose of Part 4 is being met.