These wholesale regulated services are used to provide retail services to New Zealand households and businesses. For example, we issue determinations on the terms Chorus must provide to retail telecommunications companies to access its broadband network, and the terms that govern how competing mobile phone providers allow for their consumers to communicate with each other.

Copper services

Unbundled copper low frequency (UCLF)

Unbundled copper low frequency (UCLF) co-location

Unbundled copper low frequency (UCLF) backhaul

Unbundled bitstream access (UBA)

Unbundled bitstream access (UBA) backhaul

Unbundled copper local loop (UCLL)

Sub-loop services

Local and mobile number portability

Current STD price lists for copper services and information on the annual STD price adjustment process can be found here.

Mobile services

Local and mobile number portability

Mobile termination access services

Mobile co-location