The legislation aims to ensure New Zealand has the right regulatory framework for communication networks from 2020, to meet the needs of consumers and businesses, and to help keep the economy growing.

For fibre services, the Act requires us to:

  • create input methodologies, which are the upfront rules and processes that apply to the regulation of Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre, to ensure a stable and predictable regulatory framework
  • set revenue limits and information disclosure requirements for Chorus and local fibre companies
  • deregulate copper lines in areas where fibre and copper compete.

Additionally, the Act allows us to:

  • prescribe specified points of interconnection for establishing fibre handover points.

Across telecommunications services more broadly, the Act also requires us to:

  • collect and publish information on retail service quality for consumers
  • review industry retail service quality codes and industry telecommunications disputes resolution schemes to ensure they are working effectively
  • create mandatory Commission retail service quality codes.

Specified points of interconnection

The Act allows us to specify points of interconnection (POIs) which are places in wholesale networks where responsibility for fibre services is handed over from a fibre provider to other commercial service providers.

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Clarification of the Deeds of the LFC Open Access Undertakings for Fibre Services

The Commission has received a joint application for clarification under section 156AN of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (Act) from the following local fibre companies (LFCs):

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Fibre input methodologies

Input methodologies for fibre are the rules, requirements and processes that we are required to develop under Part 6 of the Telecommunications Act. We are currently developing these fibre input methodologies.

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Fibre services study

In 2018, we published the findings of our study of fibre services in New Zealand.

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Implementation of the new regulatory framework for telecommunications

In November 2018, Parliament amended the Telecommunications Act. The legislation now regulates the new fibre networks being rolled out nationally as part of the $7 billion ultrafast broadband initiative.

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Ultrafast Broadband information disclosure

The 2011 amendments to the Telecommunications Act introduced information disclosure requirements for the companies building the ultrafast broadband fibre network and Chorus's copper network.

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