Q: Fibre won’t be available in my town until 2022 – can Chorus stop my copper before that?

A: No. Under the draft code Chorus can only stop supplying copper once fibre is available in your area and when it has complied with all the notification and information requirements in the copper withdrawal code.

Q: I’m in a rural area – will Chorus be able to stop supplying my copper connection?

A: Chorus will only be able to stop supplying copper services in areas where fibre is available, and where Chorus can meet all the requirements of the code. If fibre is not available in your area, nothing will change.

Q: I’ve been trying to get fibre installed but Chorus cannot complete the installation without my neighbours’ consent. Am I going to be left without internet?

A: If you have ordered a fibre service, Chorus cannot stop supplying copper until it is installed. If this cannot happen, Chorus cannot meet the requirements of the code and cannot stop supplying copper.

Q: Will I have to pay extra to change from copper to fibre service?

A: Chorus must install fibre at no cost under the code. However, the company you choose to supply your phone or broadband services with may charge additional costs. It is worth shopping around for the best deal for you.

Q: Can my telecommunications provider refuse to sell me copper services?

A: Similar to how supermarkets can choose which items to sell in their stores, it is up to individual phone and broadband providers to decide which technologies to sell services over. It is up to each provider to decide whether they continue to sell you copper based phone and broadband services. We recommend shopping around to find a provider who sells what you want to buy.

Q: Can Chorus just stop selling copper services?

A: Chorus must continue to provide the network in your neighbourhood until an equivalent fibre service is readily available. The installation of fibre should be at no additional cost. The earliest date for copper to be gradually withdrawn in New Zealand is when the copper withdrawal code comes into force.

Q: How can I find out what broadband technologies are available in my location?

A: You can see what technologies are available, and will become available, in your area by entering your address on the website www.broadbandmap.nz

Contact your current home phone and broadband providers and ask what technology you are currently using. This could be on copper, fibre or services over a mobile network.

Q: I am concerned I may not be able to call 111 in an emergency, how can I protect myself?

A: If you have a fibre or a fixed wireless landline these newer technologies may require a separate power source to work. So, if there is a power cut you may need to have another way to contact friends, family and emergency services if required. One way to do this is to have a basic mobile phone. You can get a pay as you go sim card and pre-load it with a bit of credit so that you can contact friends and family. If you need to call 111 in an emergency during a power cut the phone needs to have a sim card in it but the sim card does not need to have credit on it. You can charge the phone and keep it in a safe place. It is important to regularly check the phone is charged. A battery backup is also a good idea. You can even use your car to charge your mobile phone.

Be aware that cordless phones may not work in a power cut, even if you still have a copper landline. Make sure you have a backup corded phone or mobile phone in case the power goes out.

Q: How do I know if I am on a copper service?

A: Contact your current phone or broadband provider to check what technology you are on.

Q: I have a fax machine and/or medical alarm – will my device work when I transfer to a fibre network?

A: Contact your fax machine and/or medical alarm provider – they are best placed to advise you.

Q: When will fibre be available in my area. I want it now. Do I have to wait until I get a notification of withdrawal of copper to switch to fibre?

A: broadbandmap.nz – once fibre is available at your address you can order it as soon as you are ready, you do not need to wait for Chorus to choose to stop supplying copper before you order fibre.

Q: Can I stay on copper because I don’t want to move to another technology?

A: In 2018 the Government updated the Telecommunications Act to allow Chorus to stop providing copper where fibre is available. If Chorus meets all the requirements of this code, it will be able to stop supply and you will not be able to use copper anymore.

There are many benefits from upgrading from the older copper network to newer technologies, such as fibre, including increased speed and improved reliability.

If you have questions or concerns about the best technology for you get in touch with your current phone or broadband provider to see what the best solution is.